University of Maryland SP2 Lab

Security. Privacy. People.

In SP2, we research how security and privacy affect people, and how people affect security and privacy. We use methods and tools from computer science and social science to investigate how and why people make security- and privacy-relevant decisions, and to give people tools to make better decisions.
We are affiliated with the Maryland Cybersecurity Center and the Human-Computer Interaction Lab.

Our research


Security Behaviors

Secure Development

Security for
At-Risk Users

Security Professionals

Secure Communications

Tracking Transparency

Research Methods



Nick Farber

Undergraduate Researcher

Wentao Guo

PhD Student

Aditya Kishore

Undergraduate Researcher

Alan Luo

PhD Student

Michelle Mazurek

Associate Professor

SP2 Director

Phoebe Moh

PhD Student

Julio Poveda

PhD Student

Nathan Reitinger

PhD Student

Emma Shroyer

PhD Student

Alumni and Collaborators

Desiree Abrokwa

Undergrad Alum

Yasemin Acar

Paderborn University

Omer Akgul

PhD Alum

Carnegie Mellon University

Adam Aviv

George Washington University

Wei Bai

PhD Alum


Adam Bates

U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Anna Chan

Undergrad Alum

Marshini Chetty

University of Chicago

Shruti Das

Undergrad Alum

Diana Freed

Harvard University

Kelsey Fulton

PhD Alum

Colorado School of Mines

Samantha Katcher

Tufts University and MITRE

Nathan Malkin

Postdoc Alum

New Jersey Inst. of Tech.

Nora McDonald

George Mason University

Mary Nicole Dugay Punzalan

Undergrad Alum

Elissa Redmiles

PhD Alum

Georgetown University

Rock Stevens

PhD Alum

Blase Ur

University of Chicago

Daniel Votipka

PhD Alum

Tufts University

Noel Warford

PhD Alum

Oberlin College